Our in-house community theatre group, The Dilys Guite Players (DGP), was founded in 1957 by Dilys Guite. She, along with a small group of friends, restored the previously abandoned Chalet Theatre. The DGP has a long and rich tradition and its commitment to production values and professionalism has made it one of the best community theatre groups in Sheffield.

The DGP own the building, and the members get involved at every level of keeping the theatre running. The artistic team are always looking to expand their membership, and have grown exponentially to include everyone from first-timers to semi-professionals. Members can take part in any aspect of a show, covering acting, backstage crew, technical staff, stage management and directing.

The group prides itself on taking care of its members, with many benefits to signing up such as a discount on the bar and tickets to DGP shows. If you’d like to become a part of it, get in touch or sign up to the mailing list to be updated on the latest news, shows and opportunities.

To apply to join the DGP, click on the link below that will take you to WebCollect where you can complete the membership application today. You will need to confirm, when you join, that you have read the Members Handbook which is also available below:

Apply to join The DGP

The Dilys Guite Players Member’s Handbook (revised August 2014)

The Dilys Guite Players Limited (Registered Number: 594927) is a community theatre group and a registered charity (Registered Number: 222587) – Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield, S7 1NF